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JAM Software TreeSize Professional PRE-ACTIVATED

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JAM Software TreeSize Professional PRE-ACTIVATED

مُساهمة  Mr. Mohamed في الإثنين أكتوبر 18, 2010 3:43 pm

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فهو بصراحة منظومة متكاملة لا غنى عنه على أى جهاز

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JAM Software TreeSize Professional PRE-ACTIVATED | 8.51 MB

Professional is a powerful and flexible harddisk space manager for
Windows 200X / XP / Vista (32 and 64 Bit). Find out which folders are
the largest on your drives and recover megabytes on your disks. TreeSize
Professional shows you the size, allocated and wasted space, the number
of files, 3D charts, the last access date, the file owner and
permissions, the NTFS compression rate and much more information of
several folders or drives you choose. It also lets you search drives,
entire servers or the entire network for old, big, temporary and
duplicate files. The search results can be moved, deleted or exported.
The application has an intuitive Explorer-like user interface, it is
fast and multithreaded and supports Unicode and scheduled scans. You can
print detailed reports or export the collected data to Excel and to an
HTML, XML or text file. TreeSizeProfessional can be started from the
context menu of every folder or drive.


» Visually track down disk usage and see the size of all folders including their subfolders and break it down to the file level
» Printed report (showing the directory structure), Excel, HTML, XML, text file, clipboard
» Fully customizable file search helps you to find and archive the largest, oldest, obsolete and temporary files
» Search multiple drives, entire servers and even your entire network neighbourhood
» Duplicate file search, optionally with MD5 checksums
» Statistics about file types and file owners on directory level
» TreeSize Pro is able to save the data to an XML file and to load it again later
» Support for Unicode file and folder names
» Shell extension for Windows 2000/XP/2003 that adds an additional TreeSize column to the Windows Explorer
» Browse the results during scanning
» Include and exclude certain files and folders in your scans
» Print the contents of a directory
» Several Command line options allow scheduled and overnight scans of your hard disk
» Support for the file based NTFS compression, hard links and Alternate Data Streams (ADS)
» Explorer context menu is supported inside the TreeSize window

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Mr. Mohamed

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